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Why Tunde Ednut Should Not Compare American Standard Of Living To Nigeria

One mistake Nigerian celebrities who live abroad make is to compare, for example, the American standard of living to that of Nigeria. Popular Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut who is based in Atlanta, America recently took to his Instagram handle to complain about the high cost of living in America and still have to cater for their family living in Nigeria.

According to Tunde Ednut, it is far easier to live in Nigeria than in America. This article, however, is going to disagree and state why Tunde Ednut should not compare the American standard of living to Nigeria.

1) Currency: America is one of the most sought-after countries to search for greener pastures. This is because of the strength of their currency, the dollar. A Nigerian who takes 1.2 million as his annual salary can make such an amount in America in a month.

2) Security: The level of security at all levels in America is higher than that of Nigeria. The state of security in Nigeria is at a poor level ever since the emergence of bandits, unknown gunmen, ritualists, and Boko Haram.

3) Employment: Chances of getting employed in America are higher than in Nigeria. Those who are employed in Nigeria depending on their educational qualifications take home 15, 30, 40 as their monthly pay. With the increase in food, transportation, accommodation, a family of 4 can barely survive on their monthly payment but a family of 4 in America can and still have miscellaneous cash because they live on insurance, mortgage, and their pay is in hours and not monthly.

Converting dollars to Naira and then complaining of high expenses is one mistake these celebrities or public figure makes. This often leads to comparisons that should not be in the first place. When you make your money in dollars, you spend in dollars and when you make money in naira, you spend in naira.

Credit: Instagram/Tunde Ednut

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