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Diana and Prince Charles: What made the most expensive wedding in history crash after a few years?

Weddings are generally expensive. Even the most frugal ones will surely drain away some thousands of money. History recorded some ground-breaking wedding ceremonies. Among these, the most notable one is the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. It is widely regarded as the most expensive wedding ceremony in history.

This august ceremony happened in 1981, and as at then, it costs $48 million. According to Business Insider, it will amount to 110 million dollars in today's economic market.

The wedding was a record breaker and one that shook the world. It took place at St Paul Cathedral in London. The event was broadcasted live on TV and viewed by over 750 million home audience across the globe. Prior to that time, never in history had a wedding ceremony attracted such a widespread attention and popularity.

The bride wore a nine-thousand-pound wedding gown which was about seven metres long and was covered by 10,000 pearls. In today's market, the price of the wedding gown would be around 34,000 pounds. A crowd of 600,000 people gathered on the streets of London to witness the wedding procession. About 4,000 policemen and 2,200 military personnel were employed to conduct the event.

With all that had been said, it is unfortunate that this marriage never stood the test of time. There were rumours of tensions between the couple even before the marriage finally crashed over a decade later. Lady's Diana marriage to Prince Charles suffered due to extramarital affairs and the incompatibility of the couple.

Lady Diana met Charles in November 1977 when she was 16. Charles was the prince of Wales and the heir apparent to the throne. The two picked up interests in each other and were engaged in February 1981. Lady Diana became Princess of Wales at the age of 21 when she married Prince Charles. Three years into the marriage, the couple had already produced two sons; Prince William and Prince Harry.

Five years into the marriage, the incompatibility and age gap between the couple began to show. They were having issues, and the media was doing a good job recording all it could gather. Prince Charles began an extramarital affair with his former girlfriend, and Lady Diana, on the other hand, chose to be involved with James Hermit, her family's former riding instructor. By 1987, the situation had worsened and the couple's unhappiness and cold attitude towards each other were being reported by the press. The storm continued until they separated in 1992. Divorce was finalized on 28th August 1996. That day marked the end of the road for what seemed to be a glamorous start to a happy marriage life.

It was a pity that the story ended this way. However, there are important lessons to take away. One of such is that an expensive wedding doesn't guarantee a happy marriage. Investment should be made on building a happy home and not organizing a glamorous wedding. The end of a thing is better than the beginning. How the marriage ended is more important than how it started. We should always remember that a wedding is a day's event while marriage is a lifetime journey. Let's straighten out our priorities.

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