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Stop Saying Mbok and These Slangs if You Don't Know Their Meanings

Stop saying mbok and these slangs if you don't know their meanings

Few years ago, internet has been flooded with different slangs, almost every day, people are forming new internet words. To join the race, Nigerians are not left out, there are many slangs among Nigeria that many did not know their meanings.

Among these is #Mbok, the word is an Ibibio language which comes from Calabar/Akwa-Ibom of Nigeria, it is not an English language but it is used frequently in conversation among Nigerian youths. What does mbok means? The slang mbok means simply meaning 'please or abeg', which stands for Mentoring Body of Knowledge but the Nigerian version.

There are lots of other trending slangs/abbreviation used by Nigerian, see more below:

(1) 4EAE: For Ever And EvYou; (2) ABT: About (4) ADN: Any Day Now; (5) AFAIC: As Far As Im Concerned; (6) AFAICT: As Far As I Can Tell; (7) AFAIK: As Far As I Know; (8) AFAIR: As Far As I Remember; (9) AKA: Also Known As; (10) AMA: Ask Me Anything; (11) ASAIC: As Soon As I Can; (12) ASAP: As Soon As Possible; (13) ATM: At The Moment; (14) B4: Before; (15) B4N: Bye For Now; (16) Bae: Babe/Before Anyone Else; (17) BBL: Be Back Later; (18) BBT: Be Back Tomorrow; (19) BCNU: Be Seeing You; (20) BD: Big Deal

And more...

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