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Come and choke yourself with laughter

1. To the Ladies, there's no better feeling than being in Husband's car and see the guy who broke your heart negotiating bus-fare with the conductor.

2. Now that Buhari had won again, we have no other option than to give him another chance, I think everything is possible in Nigeria except seeing a girl taking pictures with a straight leg

3. *Who told Nigerians that before drinking a sachet water, you first rub it on your cloth?

4. LAGOS GIRLS: ouch, hmm, harder.

OYO, IBADAN GIRLS: YEE, mokuo, intami, sofe soribu ni.

5. Shaving is old fashioned 

Just boil water and pour it there

Then start removing the hair one by one,

Do this and thank me later;

6. For God so loved African girls,that he gave them black skin, that whoever bleach shall not become white but have everlasting spots.

Fact*. If you know, you know.

7. The way some people have mouth odors this days can even make Moses to wake up and add d 11th commandments which says "thou should brush thy mouth every morning"

Yeeh! Who pour me saliva.

8. *There is always that one person whom you always meet while you're wearing the same clothes

9. *White man*: I arrived London safely

*Nigerians*: London things on point, child of grace...Haters gonna hate...mama, I made it...flying higher everyday!

Am done with naija♨

10. I'm Just Wondering What Would Have

Happened To David When He Threw The Stone

And Goliath Dodge It


11. A rich man is never wrong. Even when he fart, people will be like " thats money speaking"

12. I would like to apologize to anyone whom I haven't offended yet. Pls be patient, I will get to u shortly

13. If someone can go & invent Further Maths when Maths on its own is hard already,then there is no end to the wickedness of man.

14. *My mother always warned me not to follow bad gangs..... So I decided to lead them*

Wisdom will not kill me

15. I wonder why people still keep quiet in examination hall........when the question clearly says *DISCUSS*

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