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How To Be In Peace With Yourself

What is peace: from the English dictionary, Peace is a state of tranquility, quiet,and harmony; absence of violence.

Also from Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines Peace as

a situation In wish there is no war or fighting.

the five ways to stay at peace with yourself:

1. Accpet yourself

Many, perhaps even most people, are not at peace with themselves, and they may not even be aware of it.

If you are not at peace with yourself, you won't enjoy your life. You are the one person you never get away from, not even for the one second .you are everywhere you go, everything you eat etc , therefore, if you don't like and accept yourself, you cannot possibly be anything other than miserable. Also, if we don't accpet ourselves, we will find it hard, if not impossible, to accept others.

Our faults stand between us and self acceptance. We think that if we could behave better, we could like ourselves. We are proud of our strengths, natural gifts and talents but we despise and are embarrassed by our weakness. We rejoice in our success and feel depressed about our failure. We struggle and strive for perfection, but somehow it always eludes us. Our pursuit is in vain.

2. Focusing On Your Unique Strengths

Self acceptance is realising that you are unique in yourself and will never be exactly like someone else. God our Heavenly father gave us different unique strengths and gifts. God made different flowers, tress, birds etc.

Don't struggle to be a carbon copy of someone you admire. You are unique, and there is something you can do that nobody else in the entire world can do exactly the way you can. Don't fight yourself is like fighting God because you are His Handwork. Each of us is here on purpose,chosen to live in the particular time period on purpose.

Comparing your situations or circumstances with those of other people will steal your peace and cause confusion about God's unique plan for you. You are you and your type is not in this world so focus on your strength and do the exploits God gave to you.

3. Keeping Your Priorities In Order

One of the reasons people lose their peace and fail to have the things they want is because they get their priorities out of line. There are so many choices to which people can give their time and attention. Without clear priorities, people can become paralyzed with indecision.

Some of the choices we have are bad options and are easy to recognize as something to avoid, but many of our options are good. We should know that even good things can get our priorities all messed up. We to know that what is a top priority for somebody else could be a problem for us. So we have to be careful that we don't just do what everybody else is doing.

Often we don't think about what our Priorities are, but we still have them. Our priorities are whatever is first in our thoughts and in how we plan our time.

4. Stop Rushing

Much of the world is in a hurry. Always rushing, yet very few people even know where they are going in life. If we want to be at peace with ourselves and enjoy life,we must stop Rushing all the time. Hurrying is one of the peace stealers in your life and still can be, if you do not stay alert to pressure.

People rush to get to yet another event that has no real meaning for them, or that they really don't even want to attend. We hurry so much, we finally come to the place where we cannot slow down.

Life is too precious to rush through it.

The way we get a day started is important. Often how we start is how the entire day goes. I I have found out that if i allow the "hurry up" spirit to grab me early in the day, everything within me gets into high gear. Hurry creates pressure that in turn creates stress.

Stress is the root of many illness. God our creator did not create us to hurry, rush.

Pace is very important in life. Our pace not only affects us but others around us. Our pace of living affects the quality of our lives.

Rushing begins in the mind, just as all actions do. I have to hurry is something we should avoid. Hurrying leads to accident and most deaths on the roads.

Stop the rush and take it slowly.

With these I hope you find peace within you. Please like, comment and share

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English Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


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