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30 popular Movie scenes versus how they really look like in reality

Long before now the Movie Industries were so poor in shooting their Movies in the sense that whenever we watch them we are always laughing and saying that there are too much lies in it.

But now they have come up with a more advanced way of producing movies in such a way that you can't really differentiate what is real and what is not real. Here are some scenes in movies and what the really look like in reality and it is also now impossible to know whether or not these movies scenes are real.

I used to think that how do they normally act movies with Animals? without the Animals harming them but after seeing these photos I don't believe that anything in movie is real. These movies are just there to play with our imagination by trying to making us to believe what we are seeing and this is mind blowing.

 Here are some photos but However, be aware that some of these shots may even change your overview about movies.

Trees looking like Spectators


Walking death


This is how a city looks in reality

White House


Captain America


Titanic when Jack and Rose were standing infront of the ship

The film industry has made great strides when it comes to special effects. Do you remember the old days when you could laugh at the amateur special effects of your favorite film? Well, film producers have improved




Alice in Wonderland


How bridge looks like

Dawn of the planet Ape


Daenerys Targaryen with her little Dragon (Game of Thrones)

King Kong

Life of pi

Harry Potter

Movies Effects have dedicated their time to demonstrate the power of CGI and how incredibly these effects can transform an entire movie.

It spoils your imagination and shows what's going on behind the scenes before being turned into magical shots that make you so nostalgic.

So what do you think about this??

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