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"When You Want To Enter Heaven, And Jesus Is Showing You All Your Posts" -37 Funny Pictures And Jokes

Hello everyone, how has been your day, hope things are going well?

I'm here again with some funny Hilarious pictures and jokes, that will make you laugh out loud. Please find a good place to sit, cus I will be taking you through some funny pictures and jokes I came across in the internet today, if you know you can't control your laugh, don't try checking it, but if you think you're fit and can control your Laughter, now let go.

Once again, welcome to another episode of laughter.

1. You imagining the Air conditioning2. Me: I will wait till next year3.4. wow! Interesting5. I didn't mean it sir

6. Me: oh if I know I should not borrow her(regret)

7. They will now start fasting and Prayer8. True talk9. It's unfair o daddy!10. Yes o,

when my mum bought an handriod phone. Me: you need to subscribe to calling and messaging, it's #3500

11. What concerns me You will now started beginning untop your money16. I'm done17.18. 19.20. My life!21.22. Mummy fear God o!

23. They intentionally does that 24. Nigerian trader and their problems25. Small world26. Hurry up Mr. man match dey for evening27. 28. True talk29. I need prayer

30. Lol, ladies take note of this31. This stupid man spoil my mood sha32.33.34.35.

36.37. Results of weed

Hope you had a nice time checking out this funny hilarious pictures and jokes.

Let us know the most funniest to you.

Follow us for more episodes of laughter.

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