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Smithy Smith Entangled in August

After watching the red table talk between Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith I came to the following conclusion

First of all, for those of you seeing pains in Will's eyes, the pain exists only in your heads.

Secondly, let's analyze truly why some Nigerians, especially the men are getting worked-up over the Smith's marriage.

You people are angry simply because it is the woman whose cheating came out public. If it were Will, you wouldn't have much of an issue with it.

It is perfectly fine with some Nigerians that Hillary Clinton forgave her husband's cheating and remained in the marriage. Because Hillary is the woman and Bill is the man. It is the man that should cheat and the woman should forgive.

But in the case of Will and Jada Smith, reverse is the case. The wife did the cheating and the husband wants her back in his life so that he can continue loving her.

Some Nigerians can't process the fact that a successful, good-looking and loved man would openly admit that he would continue loving a wife that has cheated on him. That's a woman's role. 😏

In your heads, Will can get almost any beautiful younger woman, so he should leave her and move on.

Well, Will wants to keep loving her. They seem to have vowed to stick with each other even in their worst marriage moments.

I love the friendship and love they share. I admire it. I think it's a beautiful thing. This is a talk most Nigerian marriages should have but the men think they are entitled to fuck around while the women should deal with it.

Will wants, craves and is genuinely happy to have Jada back and remain/stick with her.

Dear Nigerians,

Deal with it!

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