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Opinion: Tems is best decently dressed female pop singer in Nigeria.

Decency is one thing to appreciate especially on public figures. Decency is the ability to control a certain level of body exposure. Using celebrities as a case of study, they are the people who represent the masses in their various areas of entertainment.

A lot of women in the entertainment industry are under the pressure of advertising whatever they represent with their bodies. This is a big challenge because, some of them never thought such decisions would be accepted by them in the future, but when fame came, the decisions changed.

In the music industry, especially on the pop genre, many female artists have lost the sense of decency in order to stay relevant and advertise their music but there are few of them who still retain that sense regardless of how far they have come in the industry.

In my assessment, Tems is one of these few persons that have not allowed fame influence their decency. Tems is one of the top Nigerian female artists who have gone very far with her music. She recently announced her collaboration with Drake, an international music star. She equally featured in Wizkid's popular hit song which later featured Justin Beiber.

Haven observed Tems closely, her dressing even with her exposure has remained decent and moderate. Many people have equally attested to this especially during her live performances. See some of her pictures below.

Note: this doesn't suggest that she is the only decent female celebrity in Nigeria, rather, she is a case of my study and a good example to upcoming female artists who may think that indecency is a tactic to make it big in the music industry.

It is equally not condemning anybody's sense of dressing since everyone has the right to freedom of expression which could be made through dressing too.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Tems' Instagram handle.

Content created and supplied by: Chinny'sangle (via Opera News )

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