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Remember The Handsome Indian Man That Acted 'King Of Heart', Check Out His Real Name And Grandfather

Ravi Dubey is the real name of the handsome actor that portrayed Siddarth in the popular Zee world series, Kings of heart. As the name of the movie series implies, he captured the heart of many who turned out to be his fan after watching the movie series. Ravi Dubey was so good acting his role as siddarth in the movie series " Kings of heart". He turned out to be very jovial that anyone would go along with his personality. The young actor seems to be very close to his grandfather. He shared some pictures of himself together with his grandfather on social media showing how much love he has for the old man.

Siddarth in the popular tv series " Kings Of Heart" is one actor that is loved by many because of his personality in the movie. Seeing some of his pictures he shared on the social media which does not involve his acting scenes could tell us more about this actor. He is about 37 years old and has also stared in many movies aside from the king's of heart. With the pictures below, I believe you will be entertained seeing the popular actor together with his grandfather.

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Indian Kings Of Heart Ravi Dubey Siddarth


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