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15yrs After this Nigerian Actress starred in the movie Alice My First Lady, See how she looks now

If you were an ardent lover of Nollywood movies that were made in the late 90s and early 20s, you may have come across a popular movie that trended back then with the name Alice My First Lady.

The role of Alice was played by a woman known as Mrs Chinny Chukwu Ahaneku. Chinny is a talented and versatile Nigerian Actress, Director, Scriptwriter, Software Analyst and Medical personnel.

In the movie, she played the role of a very stubborn wife that refused to be submissive to her husband. She was a troublesome woman that had problem with every single person in the village including her husband, biological mother, daughter, Co-wife, village elders, masquerades, her daughter's teacher, fellow women and so many others.

In the end, a sudden twist in the turn of events revealed that she was under a curse or the influence of diabolical powers. Apparently her Father's Co-wife who was jealous of her industriousness and obedience as a kid, decided to go to a native doctor to get diabolical powers that will turn Alice into a stubborn and trouble lady, and she succeded in the act. Glory be to God, Alice was finally delivered in end which made her to make peace with everyone that she ever wronged.

Outside the world of acting, Mrs Chinny Ahaneku is a trained medical personality currently working and living in America. She is looking very beautiful and even younger than her real age. Checkout more recent photos of her below.

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