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Why Gulder Ultimate Search Organizers Will Need To Be Mindful Of The Location They Choose

The Gulder Ultimate Search season 12 is set to kick off on the 26th of September. The announcement was made by their official page on Instagram. The training and screening session has been held and they already have the people they will be sent to the jungle to search for the treasure.

Image from the screening session:

Credit: @thegulderultimatesearch(Instagram)

Gulder Ultimate Search organizers would need to be mindful of the location they choose because of the present state of the country. There is a high rate of kidnapping and banditry which has made any location around the forest areas in Nigerian dangerous. Bandits use those areas as their hideout. In other not to go clash with people with guns and sophisticated weapons, they would need to check out the location of its safe before using it.

Photo credit: Blueprint

The security should probably be more than that of other seasons. The issues of banditry weren't as worst then. They had no problems with security but with surviving inside the cruel weather and animals of the jungle. Aside from the security issue, they are good to go.

The long-awaited Gulder Ultimate Search(GUS) is to begin today after 7 years. This year's Gulder Ultimate Search is titled ‘The Age of Craftsmanship’. The presenter will no longer be Chidi Moekeme but Kunle Remi which was the season 7 winner. The station that will air the programme is not revealed yet but I am sure they must have made provision for that.

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