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Laugh Uncontrollably With These 25 Hilarious Jokes and Funny Pictures For Today.

I am still wondering how carrot is orange.. and orange is not carrot..

How old were you when you realized that the full meaning of BAE is "bills and expenses"... Sorry to the other gender for revealing your secret o..

As long as banks keep chaining their pen, I will keep on counting my money after withdrawal.. how will I trust people that don't trust me..

All those people that go to club and scatter the dance floor.. but when they go to church, they will be standing like iroko tree and clapping like they are clapping for buhari... The devil is preparing for you..

You will think that you know all the styles of stealing until you get to Ojuelegba.. where they will steal your phone and your ear piece will continue playing music till you reach your house..

Laziness is when you type "HBD" instead of "Happy birthday"... Something that is done once in a year, you can't still do it well... Lazy youth..

Here is Nigeria, the most respected people in any ceremony are those in charge of sharing food... You can even greet them up to 5 times..

Here in Nigeria, gone are the days when boys take off their hat when greeting elders... Now they will just remove one earphone...

The way people in Keke napep will be looking at you while trekking eh.. it will be like they are inside private jet...

Nobody noticed that Jesus talking to 5000 people without microphone was a miracle.. all we just focus on is the bread and fish..


Thank you.

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BAE Ojuelegba


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