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Popular Products You Can Never See it's Advert on TV

When it comes to advertising products, it helps boost the sale of the products. But in this country, some products are so popular that they don't need advert, since have known these products I've never seen their advert on TV before. Check out the products am talking about.

1. Saint Louis Sugar

St Louis sucre is a sugar brand owned and produced by Südzucker Group, a German company which launched the product in1865. Since when this sugar has been in Nigeria I'm pretty sure no one have seen the advert on TV before.

2. Coaster Biscuits

Coaster biscuit is made by Newbisco Nigeria Limited. Many people remember it to be a significant part of their childhood and till now coaster popularity hasn't gone down. I bet you've never seen the advertisement on TV before.

3. Super Glue

Super glue is a fast bonding, super strength, instant adhesive product use for gumming broken things back to how it is initially. Have you seen the advert on TV before?

4. Matches

A match is a tool for starting a fire, they are made of small wooden sticks and at one end it will be coated with a material that can be ignited by frictional heat generated by striking the match against a suitable surface. It is use in the kitchen but you can never see the advert on TV.

You think there are other products that don't have advert?... Share it in the comments box below.

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