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FICTION: How I Became Single And Barren For 55 Years Because Of My Illiteracy

FICTION: How I Became Single And Barren For 55 Years Because Of My Illiteracy

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I want to share with you how I became single for 55 years because of my stupidity and illiterate nature, my name is Dora and this is my story.

As i said earlier, my name is Dora and I am from a community in a state in Nigeria, State withheld for security reasons, I have been single and barren for over 55 years, all cause my me and I regret ever making such silly mistakes.

I grew up in the village and am the first child of my mother, my father married three wives, though my mother was the first wife.

As a young and beautiful girl, I was admired by all and sundry because of my glowing beauty, one man proposed to me and I accepted, that was when I was still 24 years old.

We loved each other and agreed to get married, the man printed wedding cards and everyone in the village knew I was going to be his wife.

But before our marriage there is a traditional rite, as a young girl you have to perform to prove you are valid to be a lady.

So we decided and fixed the marriage after the traditional rites, after the traditional rites, one spirit came into me and I told my husband to be am no longer interested in the marriage, he laughed and thought I was just joking, but I made it known to the parents and my own parents that am no longer interested in the marriage. My parents asked me the reasons why I told them that my decision is final.

My husband to be and her family weep in pains throughout that day and one of my husbands to be sister came to me the next day asking me why I changed my mind. I ignored her and asked her to leave my house, before she left, she rained abuses on me and said I should mark her words, that I will never get married again for the humiliations and pains I caused their family.

I laughed at her stupid words then because am very beautiful and also a hot cake, how could she say such rubbish before me.

Years later I started finding it difficult to find a husband while the one I disappointed is married with kids, it was no longer funny when I clocked 50 years without getting married,

Could this be a curse or what? I keep asking myself this question.

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