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After Mr Macaronii did a comedy skit with Mama G and Dorathy, see people's reaction online

Mr Macaronii, released a comedy skit recently and his fans were amaze with the kind of people who starred in the skit. Ex-BBNaija graduate Dorathy Bachor acted as a doctor in the skit while Mama G acted as a nurse.

Mr Macaronii was sick and admitted in the hospital, while his wife called Mummy wa came to visit him, she adviced him to wait a little but he said he couldn't wait any longer, and he wanted to go home until the female doctor walked in.

Dr. Dorathy Bachor came in and Mr. Macaronii changed his mind about going home because if the way the doctor looked, instead he wanted to remain in the hospital and get care from the doctor. He thought it was going to be the doctor who will take care of him but to his surprise, the doctor called on Mama G who is the nurse to come and take over in taking care of him, the nurse said she will give him 30 injection's and he cried.

This skit generated reactions from people online mainly because of Veteran Actress Mama G who was featured in the skit, see their reactions on twitter:

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