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Check Out This 6 Signs If You Are Dating A Playboy

Not all playboys are the same. In fact some of them are good con artists that you wouldn't have seen it coming.

Is he secretive about answering his phone calls when you are around? This is just an hint that he might be hiding something from you!

Check out the signs you are dating a playboy. They come in all shape and sizes.

1. He is forgetful

This is mainly because he has so many women at hand, it can't be hard to keep all his facts straight even if his a professional playboy. So if he starts being extra careful or calls you by the wrong name, it's time to show him the door.

2.He lives In An Ultimate Bachelor's Pad

Rotating bed? Swimming pools? expensive paintings?

Yep, his a playboy.

3.He Isn't Genuine

He smiles and laughs at all everything you say but doesn't give you full concentration that because his mind is else where.

4. He Dresses Better Than You Do

Whoa, no man is ever supposed to out dress his woman under any circumstance. Besides, a guy who is into clothes will always put you second along with other necessary things.

5. He's Always In A Hurry

Ones he gets what he wants , he's not sticking around for pillow talks or cuddle time.

He's already at the door for another conquest.

6.He's In The VIP List At Every Club In Town

He knows every promoter in town and he's on every single list and can be seen at every VIP table on every Saturday night.

And funny how all of his "friends" at a table are girls.

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