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30 Idioms You Should Know, With Their Meanings.

Few days ago, I wrote an Article in which I published 30 Idiomatic expressions with their meanings, and the one I posted lastly will make the total Idioms I will be posting to sum up to 60 altogether with the ones I have posted before.

So as I have promised you then in my last Article on Idioms with their meanings, that am going to keep on updating you guys on more of that, and that's because of the Cooperations of you all, and I promise not to also disappoin you today because I will also be releasing another 30 Idiomatic Expressions now, and in which I will like you all to again contribute to it as before again, so that more can keep on Coming from me to you guys again.

But before I proceed in dropping this today, I will like to brief you again on what Idioms are and that's for the benefit of some new friends that recently follow me base on this.

I explained Idioms as ; a group of words - whether phrase or sentence which must be learnt as a whole to understand their meanings. It's quite impossible to understand the meaning of an idiom from the meaning of each of the words considered separately.

Now ,I want you all to study this Vividly and make sure you ask questions after you learnt from this, and I promise to also keep you updated on more of this.

See These 30 Idioms with their meanings below:

1. A wet Blanket

One who discourages other.

2. To feel one's pulse

To try to find out one's Opinion.

3. To keep the ball rolling

To continue doing things.

4. Tall talk

Boastful and vain Language.

5. To give the cold shoulder

To treat with contempt.

6. Red Tape

Delay due to formality and routine in

Government departments.

7. To Smell a rat

To Suspect.

8. To save one's face

To avoid disgrace.

9. To take the bull by the horns

To begin a difficult job boldly and


10. Behind one's back

Without one's knowledge.

11. To The Point

Relevant or fitting.

12. To lead by the Nose

To lead blindly.

13. To come to light

To become known.

14. To keep one's head On

To remain calm.

15. To Pull Together

To co-operate Fully.

16. To hold out the olive branch

To make peace.

17. Out of the woods

Out of danger.

18. A stitch in time saves time

Doing little things at the right time

Brings great reward Later.

19. To be at Loggerheads

To be at enmity, quarrelling.

20. To flog a dead horse

To try to revive interest in a matter

Which is already stale.

21. To bell the cat

To do a very risky or dangerous thing.

22. To save one's skin

To escape from injury.

23. A hard nut to crack

A difficult problem to Solve.

24. To rob Peter to pay Paul

To satisfy one person at the expense of

The other.

25. To hit the nail on the head

To go straight to the point, or come up

With true facts.

26. By hook or by Crook

By fair or foul means.

27. At the eleventh hour

At the last moment.

28. An open secret

Information supposed to be secret

But known to all.

29. All that glitters is not Gold

Things are not always as good as they

Seem to be.

30. To give the green light

To permit to go ahead.

I want you all to make sure you ask me questions after going through the above written Article because, that's the only possible way you can convince me that you truly understand all we have been doing since.

so all questions are to be suggested below in the comments box below, and I promise that we all are going to do justice to your questions below together... Thanks.


More of this is still coming, but that also depends on your cooperation as you must be serious with reading and asking questions.

Don't also forget to COMMENT ,LIKE & SHARE This Article, thanks.

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