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I went out with my lady today and on our way back, her shoe got spoilt, but I did this for her

A lady and her lover has been cited on the road today. They both went to get something at the store and the man made a huge sacrifice for the lady.

The lady and her lover were returning from the store when the lady's shoe got faulty on the road. It was really an embarrassing moment for the lady. She didn't know what to do but the man came to her rescue.

The man sacrificed his palm Sander for the lady. The lady wore the palm of the man he went out with. The man was seen wearing a socks and he had to walk with it.

Well,this might look small but its a sacrifice and those are the little things we do for love. Ladies do appreciate this a lot and would go extra mile for such a man.

However, people have commented about it and said that the end result of the relationship would be that the lady would still cheat on the guy.

If it happens, and the lady cheats,the guy would look like a fool to have done such for the lady. It would really be a sacrifice only when the man is able to marry the lady and they settle together.

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