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These 4 Dstv Channels Bring the Best Shows and Movies to Your Television. Do You Watch Them?

DSTV is a popular satellite dish that offers over a 1000+ channels. It was launched in Nigeria in 1996. Ever since it came, other satellite dishes have been fighting to have the spotlight but Dstv seemed to win in the end.

As more people continue to use Dstv, it continues to expand and broaden and now they have a partner in Gotv, this is to show how powerful the digital TV is.

While there's Gotv now, with almost the Sam channels as the ones on Dstv, people would still prefer to own a Dstv satellite dish because of its numerous channels which bring entertaining videos.

I've decided to list a number of channels I think stand out in the movie aspect on Dstv.

Mnet Action: Channel 110

This channel is mostly for movies that are action packed. Movies that will thrill and excite you and not leave you bored, instead, you'll be wanting more.

Mnet Zone: Channel 139

This channel focuses on a broad of movies but it seems romance and drama is its main theme. Movies they show on this channel tend to be heart-warming or frustrating but entertaining nonetheless.

StudioUniversal: Channel 112

StudioUniversal is like a general movie channel. It doesn't have any specific movies to show. It shows any kind of movie, doesn't matter what genre. It can be horror this minute and drama or action the next.

Mnet City: 115

This is the perfect channel for people who love series like the Flash and Supergirl. This channel focuses on award winning series and other series. It ranges from DC super heroes to Housewives drama.

Which of these channels do you love? Comment your thoughts.

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