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Read This Sad Story Of Oritse Femi And His Partner Chibudo Back Then In Ajegunle

TRUE STORY!!! Most of you have got ne'er detected of “Junglist” a musical couple of Oritse Femi and Chibudo?

They were therefore far-famed some time past in Ajegunle. a number of their hit songs, “Flog Politician Koboko“, “Elewon” and also the others.

They were doing well so till they started paying attention to peoples opinions, those folks came through Chibudo, they were like;

“Chibudo you must go SOLO (Stay Alone) atomic number 11 you dey write most of una songs, atomic number 11 simply voice Femi get”

Go solo, you go blow. Oritse Femi dey hold you back”

Indeed, he was the author of most of their songs. He paid attention to what those folks were spoken language and determined to administer it an effort. His Egungun wasn’t extremely careful.

At Last, Chibudo determined to travel SOLO and Oritse Femi had no alternative selection, however keep together man mopol too. They each ventured into the showbiz as separate entities.

Not long when their separation, Oritse Femi came through, with “Mercies Of The Lord“, the song was a success, within the remix, he featured the good late Dagrin.

He didn’t slope there. He born another one, “Better For Everyman” wherever he featured Vector the snake.

He topped it with a collabo with D’ banj in “Double Wahala” – you recognize what it to feature somebody like D’Banj those days currently.

What Happened To His Former Partner, Chibudo?

Chibudo WHO modified his name to Chi-Junglist.

Chi Junglist, became a shadow of his recent self. All the songs he discharged when the breakup, was ne'er detected and trend. Song like “Pursue Dem” didn’t even build it everywhere Ajegunle, talkless of penetrating the thought market.

Chibudo struggled therefore unhealthy, however all ar still vainly.

From somebody that has been charging therefore well for performance within the hood, not fall back to somebody that begs for a show within the same Ajegunle Hood.

Same those that suggested him to travel SOLO, started creating jest of him.

While Oritse Femi was traveling round the world, on Paid shows, Chibudo was seen walking concerning the streets of Ajegunle. He was frustrated!!!

There’s nothing as frustrating as seeing your ex-partner excelling, whereas you're still stagnant, and knowing totally well you prompt the break-up.

That was the fate of Chibudo, observance his ex-partner Oritse Femi on TV granting interviews here and there, chilling with high celebrities.

He more experienced constant criticisms from folks like;

“You be mumu ooo! Wetin cause you to cut with Oritse Femi?

Shebi atomic number 11 una two for dey relish now?”

Just last year, Chibudo was affected by associate unknown illness that created him seriously sick

See his pictures before he passed away below

Content created and supplied by: Lamaryeezy (via Opera News )

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