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Little Success Adegor Has Alleged That All Scholarship Promises were Audio Scholarships- Video

Remember the little girl who went viral for asking her school management to punish her instead of sending her home for unpaid fees? Well yes Success Adegor, she has made a very shocking revealing on the scholarship promises she got.

Little Success Adegor who was interviewed by a lady on her way back from school for unpaid fees, told the lady that she was crying because she was sent home from school. According to Success, she preferred being punished and flogged for her unpaid fees, to being sent home.

The lady later posted the video online, and it soon became a trending post, and a lot of people reportedly made promises to sponsor Success Adegor to her University level School.

What Amazed people the most was that unlike what other kids of Success Adegor age would do, she was not happy for not being in school, and rather preferred to serve punishments, to being out of school for unpaid school fees.

However, in a recent video, Success has stated that all the promises of scholarship she got, were mere audio promises. She further clarified that she was only sponsored from primary 4 to 6.

She also noted that most of the promises were fake, and emphasized that it was better no one promised her anything than to make a promise they knew they would never fulfill.

Below is the video link.

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