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Why White Money Should Not Fall For The Women Asking Him Out After He Won The 90 Million Naira

White Money has been making headlines since he emerged winner of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija season 6 show. He has gone for several interviews and in these interviews the BBN Star made a lot of revelations. He recently spoke about the attention he has been getting from ladies after winning the 90 million naira. He said he has started getting messages from ladies asking him out and telling him to remember how they have always been there for him in the past. In my opinion, White Money should try not to fall for any of these women.Click Here to read.

It is obvious that most of these women messaging him now are only doing it because of what they want to gain from him. White Money clearly stated that he has been single since the year 2015, and he hasn't gotten really serious with any woman since that time. Hence, the women asking him out now are obviously doing it because he recently emerged winner from the BBN show.

White Money needs to know that things like these are inevitable and it's how he acts towards these new developments that matters the most. White Money is a smart man who knows when people want to take advantage of him. However, most times there are people who may outsmart him and play with his emotions because of their selfish desires.

Hence, he needs to beware of such kinds of people and focus. He has talked about how he is ready to give a lot of quality content and work with several brands in the country after winning. This shows that he needs to stay away from anyone trying to emotionally blackmail him and focus on his goals.

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