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To be a Corp Member is a Privilege - Checkout This 30 Beautiful Pictures of Nigerian Female Corpers

Corpers are people who are privileged to serve their country by helping in community services, in health centers, in schools and other approved service centers.

Youth Corp is a stage of educational attainment after Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary school set up by the Government to enable the Corp members serve in various states assigned to them, in order to foster a mutual relationship amongst Nigerians. And also help in the building up of the Nation.

As s result of the stages of educational attainment they had to pass through to reach the status of a Corp member, it therefore impose in them a sense of fulfillment, pride, joy and happiness, making them pose in their uniforms to celebrate their achievement.

The female Corpers especially would not help posing in their Youth Corp uniform which also tends to motivate the young ones to aspire for the status of a Corp member.

Here is a collection of 30 Stunning Pictures of Nigerian Female Corpers for your encouragement and entertainment. Enjoy!!!

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