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(Native Doctor) Caught Wearing Face Mask, when he went to settle an Issue for his Girlfriend (pics)

Photo credit: Youtube

Indeed Wonders Shall Never end, there is always something that will make People Be in Awe and Shock. In Some Cultures Herbalists, are perceived as Spiritual Being there by making them Untouchable both to physical and Spiritual Harm, the reason for this can be Ascribed to them being seen as Medium of the gods.

But can such quality be said of them in this dispensation?.A Native Doctor took everyone by surprise when he was seen on the Road adorned in his full regalia, of Red and Black coupled with drawings, now where was he going to? You will Find out as you read on.

What Caught Peoples attention was, The Native Doctor Was wearing a Nose Mask, and it left people Wondering if the Native Doctors who have always claimed to be Spirit get Sick to.( LOL) such a Funny situation,Men who claim to protect others, but can't protect themselves.

The Native Doctor Actually went out with his Girlfriend to settle a financial issue she had with Someone, he believed with his presence he would have this issue solved immediately, but he got more than he bargained.

Are Native Doctors no Longer untouchable?

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