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"Even Sega Link Cannot Save You": Funny Pictures of Children That Will Surely Make You Laugh

Children are one the most funniest people in the world. Infact, almost all of us have done one or two things that are so funny when we children that we probably don't remember.

In this article I would like to show hilarious pictures of children with captions that will make you laugh. These children are something. Let's dive straight into it.


Because your name is Doug doesn't mean you're a dog. Stand up my friend.


OMG, this boy will not kill person. If your mama catch you.


What is this ? I know they say we're dogs so better a dog than a pig nw.


You say what ? They need to go and arrest her teacher. Money is wasting.


These ones don hear say jollof rice don done. Party scatter

6.Okay now, Mrs Jackie Jetli


At your age ? Who go settle this matter like this?


Chinedu, when my container go land ? Rich papa

9.This one must be an Arsenal fan.


This guy na enemy of progress.

11.When my girlfriend is talking to me about Brazilian hair.


Easy now, T. BAG


Who doesn't ? Lmao

14.Coach will fit this one. That's how he'll do when his team scores.


Go and get a lawyer, you have case.


This one is the future minister of information.

How did you find the pictures and the captions, funny right ? I told you.

Please leave a comment and let me know which one you found funny the most.

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Doug Sega Link


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