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Why No One Should Doubt That Angel Is 21yrs Old After Seeing Video Of Her Parents At BBNaija Finale

Many viewers found it hard to believe that Angel Smith was actually 21 years old like she claimed in the house. Many people said she was lying about her actual age and she was older than that. No matter how many times Angel mentioned it in the house that she is 21, people always said she was lying.

Angel Smith

Photo Credit: @Angeljbsmith_ – Instagram

The major reason why many people did not agree that Angel is 21 years old is because she is very experienced. To many viewers, her experience and exposure seem to be too much for a 21-year-old lady. However, Angel’s experience and exposure do not change the fact that she is 21 years old.

How the first public appearance of Angel’s parents would clear people’s doubt about Angel’s age

Angel’s parents made their first public appearance together at the Big Brother Naija Grand Finale on Sunday. Taking a critical look at her parents, it was crystal clear that they are both still very young. His dad looks like someone in his mid or early 30s, same as her mom.

Angel's parents at the BBNaija Finale

Photo Credit: Sabi Radio – Instagram

Just like Angel mentioned in the house, her parents conceived her when they were young. Hence the age difference between Angel and her Dad would not be more than 16 years. From what we saw, Angel’s dad actually looks like someone who is not more than 16 years older than Angel. Thus, there seems to be no twist in Angel’s story.

Angel may look mature due to some of the things she said she had been through but that doesn’t change the fact that she is still 21 years old. There is no way Angel would be older than 21 years old when her dad and mom are still very young like this unless her mother gave birth to her when she was 13 or 14 years old which wasn't the case.

Photo Grid by Gistnews01

Since Angel’s parents are still very young, no one should doubt Angel’s claim that she is just 21 years old. At least, there would be at least 15 years age difference between Angel and her dad and this is only logical if she is 21 years old like she claimed.

Content created and supplied by: Gistnews01 (via Opera News )

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