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See 5 People That Did Surgery To Look Like Dolls

We all grew up watching barbie cartoons, almost ever girl had a barbie doll. I don't think there is anybody that doesn't know who Barbie is and her boyfriend Ken. This article is bringing you to the bizarre Barbie obsession world.

Here are 5 people that took obsession far, they did surgery just to look like dolls;

1. Lil Miquela, She is an Instagram model from Los Angeles. She did surgery to look like an Anime character, she looks like she came out of a video game. Some people in animated graphics say that she is just a combination of real life pictures and 3D-model

2. Justin Jedlica, his quest is to be 100% plastic, just like the plastic Ken doll. He has done 190 surgeries, and has spent alot of money on his looks, he still wants to do more. He looks just like a cute Ken doll;

3. Nannette Hammond, she is a 43 years old mother of 5 children from USA, She has spent over $500,000 just to look like Barbie. According to Nannette, she grew up collecting dolls and wanted to resemble a doll.

4. Angelica said she was treated like a princess and was always dressed like a princess, when she was still a kid. She went ahead and did surgery. She said she is not created for real life, just a living doll.

5. Valeria Lukyanova Ukranian did surgery to look like a barbie doll also, though she denies the claims. It is quite obvious, she is Just a cute barbie princess;

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