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10 Big Lessons That Every Blogger Must Learn From This Blogger Who Insulted Ned Nwoko.

Learn 10 lessons from this man who got into trouble for calling Ned Nwoko a cultist:

Good day, I am using this medium to talk to every other blogger out there.

Most people has misused their opportunities as bloggers,there are so many bloggers,but trust me not all bloggers should be bloggers.

Most people do not understand what it means to be a Blogger and that is why they lack the strategical pattern of Blogging.

To be sincere with you,I am very very dissapointed that one could be so cruel to blog so insensitively, without considering the ethics of Blogging.

The man in question made a public publishement saying that Ned Nwoko was a cultist because he boast of marrying all his wife's as virgins, and at such he ended up calling him names and making speculations that he was fetish and belong to a secret cult.

Some bloggers are not educated enough,some might be,but are very lazy to read and understand the terms and conditions of every blog to keep them guided about the laws and principles of the website.

The huge problem in general is that most bloggers do not take time to read and understand the subsequent terms and conditions attached to the various Blogging sites they tend to be writing for.

I could remember that every website has it's written and marginalized rules governing the unseen conducts of it's constituents.

If bloggers do not read and understand the terms and conditions attached to every website, and fall victim of such situation,you would get to realize that you are in your own.

The news hub website clearly stated that any damage or whatsover it might be resulting from what a blogger publishes on the website,he or she is soley responsible for whatever the outcome might be.

Most bloggers do not post to inspire ,they post to get money and at such insensitivity,you should be able to bear the risk of whatever damages you cause,as the news hub would not torelate such insolence ....

10 lessons to be learnt from this :

1: Do not frame up stories of personalities/celibrities,they worked so hard to become important personalities, and would not torelate such defamation from anyone,if you continue doing this you would get yourself into trouble,just like the blogger did.

2: Be careful of whatsover you post on the website

3: Stop posting unreasonable contents just because you want to be seen,noticed and earn money .

4: Mind what you say to people and about people .

5: Stop looking for trouble if you are not wealthy enough to follow up the case,don't start what you can't finish

I wonder where he would get money to pay.

6: Stop giving unreasonable opinions that are not solid enough.

7: Do not start what you cannot finish.

8: Try to compose yourself and inspire people.

9: Make sure you always read the terms and conditions of the website before Blogging.

10: Lastly be responsible and impact lives,stop posting fake news.

Thanks I hope this reaches you a lesson.

Unbehalf of the story as allegedly Ned dragging him to court to pay 2billion I just hope it is not true, otherwise I do not know where this man would get the money from.

Whether it is true or not,I really want people to learn from this.

Mr Ned i also pray you forgive him and let go,I believe he should have learnt from his mistakes.

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Ned Ned Nwoko


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