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4 Attributes And Lifestyles Of Whitemoney And Laycon That Are Common

It is not unusual to have different people taking part in different or same events and sharing certain similarities in some aspects of activities, lifestyles or how they have attained some levels of achievements. Life, after all, is a coincidence. 

Here, we examine some coincidental similarities observed between the current winner of the Big Brother Naija award Whitemoney, and a previous season winner, Laycon. 

BBNaija 2021 season 6 winner

BBNaija 2020 season 5 winner

1. Both came into the house as real-time hustlers. 

Laycon, as may recall, didn't have it all rosy, going into the Big Brother Naija house, unlike a few of his housemates back then.

Whitemoney also had personally narrated his hustling background of combining barbing, with "Okada riding", generator fixing, photography, and a lot of other odd jobs.

2. They were both on the eviction list for more than three times

Unlike the Shine Ya Eye season 6 housemate Emmanuel, who was never on the eviction list, Whitemoney and Laycon appeared on the eviction list more than three times.

3. Both are funny 

Laycon hardly talked in the house, and when he did, he carefully chose what he spoke and how he spoke, but he was usually funny.

Ask anyone what they would be missing about Whitemoney in the Big Brother Naija house, it would be about the fun he had always created, the cooking, the singing and the dancing. His funny acts may not have been a surprise though. After all, comedy was among his multi-hustling jobs. 

Photo Credit: Whitemoney

Photo Credit: Facebook //BBNaija

4. They both had direction, discipline and diligence

Photo Credit: BBNaija, Laycon

Key things that noticeably characterized Laycon and Whitemoney's lifestyles are how focused, disciplined and hardworking they have both been. 

It is no wonder why they both became fans' favourites, reached the top 5 and eventually became winners. 

Congratulations to the current winner, Whitemoney.

Content created and supplied by: bongoman247 (via Opera News )

BBNaija Laycon. Whitemoney


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