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Opinion: Three Qualities Possessed By Mr P

Every individual created in these beautiful world possess different qualities or potential, the most crucial thing is for that individual to discovered his God given gift. The worst thing that will happen to any man is when he compare himself with another individual simply because, the individual is affluent than him, instead of you to compare yourself to that individual, work hard to discover your gift and the attributes you possess. The two articles Sweetized have wrote earlier, I wrote about P-Square in the two consecutive articles, the title of the first article was 'Between Mr P And Rudeboy Who Do You Think is Doing Beter in Music?

See the screenshot of the second article below.

If you are very observant, you will glimpse that, the headlines of the two articles was written based on question, you will glimpse the question mark in the headlines of the articles. The reason is because, I want to know the responses of my readers. One of my reader which name is BishupJoes say something that got my scrutiny, he said that, "the are all doing well In their capacity", in the sense that, the both brothers posses different qualities or souvenirs and the are all doing well with their gift in music. See the screenshot of 'BishupJoes' comment below.

It has been almost two decades since the divergence between Peter Okoye (Mr P) and his brother Paul Okoye (Rudeboy), since their alienation, Mr P have shown the world the types of qualities he possess or have. For those of my readers that will be asking themselves 'What kind of qualities did Mr P has'? Without wasting much of you time, see the three qualities possess by Mr P below.

Note: These Article is written based on my observation

1) Dancing: Mr P is a dancer, and he has proved the world how talented he is by the type of dance he displayed. Most of his fans love him because of the type of dance he normally displayed in shows, celebration, parties. For those of my readers who have watch the video of Mr P song title "One More Night", you have seen the way he showcase his qualities by his dancing steps and also his body movement in that song.

2) Singer: Mr P is very good in singing and the type of songs he published will tell you how talented he is in singing.

3) Unique: The major justification why I like Mr P is because of his uniqueness in the things he do, he is not the copy type individual that follows people strides, he has his own unique steps of doing things. Check out his handsome photos below.

You all have qualities you possess, make sure you discovered your qualities so that, you will be recognized by the world.

Let hear from you all, drop your comments below.

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