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Ultimatelove: See Kachi's reaction as he finally met with Rosie's Son

Kachi was so happy and overwhelmed as he finally met with Rosie's son and reunited with him to become one happy family.

Kachi and Rosie are both Ex housemates of the TV reality show known as Ultimatelove. Both of them were two love birds in the house. Initially it was not an easy ride but as time goes on they started developing feelings for each other.

Kachi Ukaegbu is from Enugu State while Rosie is from Ogun State. At first when they were newly introduced in the house, Rosie did not have time for Kachi because she loved David without knowing that David did not love her as she thinks until the day aunty asked them to choose their partners, David broke her heart by choosing another woman and left Rosie with heart break.

However Kachi whom she did not want to listen to before then opens his arm and welcomed her by holding her hand and ask her not to live, both became partners that result to "Rocksie",Kachi then showered her the kind of Love nobody have showed her.

Furthermore, there true love was what made people to vote for them and they became the first to win the Ultimatelove show.

Guess what happened at the day they were declared winner, Kachi knelt down and proposed to Rosie knowing fully well that Rosie had two son.

Regarding to his post on Instagram, He said,"It's been a minute! yes it has. Re-united".

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Kachi please keep it up, you are really a true son of your father. May God 🙏 continue to straighten your love and bless you for your good heart. This is a great family reunion.

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