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See recent pictures of Piper hart in Nickelodeon.

Piper hart is a very popular actress who has millions of fans and she is loved by many people because she acts very well.

Ella Aiko Anderson (born March 26, 2005) is an American actress. She began her career as a child actress, starring as Piper on the Nickelodeon series Henry danger, and is known for playing the role of Rachel Rawlings in the 2016 comedy adventure film

She is that younger sister of Henry hart and President of the man fans and Debbie Macleod as an adult in the future.

Description & Hart has brown hair (blonde starting in Season 4) and blue eyes. She is sometimes seen wearing clips or bows in her hair but beginning in Season 2, this was less common, she cut her hair to a bobcut by Season 5. Her style can be described as trendy and feminine.

Piper can often be seen as spoiled, bratty, or temperamental, but she also knows exactly what she wants. She has a quick temper and often throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She is obsessed with social media and she likes followers, popularity, and having fast Wi-Fi.

She seems to have no problem with breaking the rules, as she has had a fake ID and an invalid driver’s license. Her parents always seem to think that she has reason to end up in jail. In season 3, she becomes somewhat more mature and acts less bratty than before.

She is shown to be a dynamic character whose anger sometimes gets the best of her. As seen in j section, she is aware of her anger issues and wants to do something about it.

She and the other Man Fans claims to be experts on information about Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Powers &

Karate: Piper is very skilled in her martial arts.

Temporary Powers

Beast form: After drinking Captain Man's Magic Fitness Juice and becoming angry, Piper transforms into a monster and gains super speed and strength.

Henry hart

Henry is Piper's older brother. Piper sometimes can be judgmental towards Henry, like how she walks into his room without knocking and yells his name or takes his belongings without his permission. Beyond that, she is one of the people who didn't know his Kid Danger identity until Sometimes they are in good terms but eventually they start to get along when she becomes a part of her brother's double life. She tried to convince Henry once to join in one of his superhero missions during  while Ray was pregnant.

Jasper Dunlop

Piper and Jasper are rivals. She hates Jasper and doesn't want him in her house, even though Jasper doesn't mind her. On occasion, the two have cooperated with each other. In Season 3, they don't fight that much anymore, most likely since Jasper now works at Junk N' Stuff and they spend less time together. They were able to work together well while playing dodge-a-leen in Dodging

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