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Famous Hollywood Actresses And What They Wore For Their 1st Red Carpet Appearance Compared To Recent Times

The red carpet is simply a celebrity sense where an entrance to a building is covered in a red carpet so that celebrities can walk on before participating or taking their seats at a big event.

Appearing on the red carpet for the first time is a very big huge for celebrities because that is the area where people watching the event from home catch all the pre-awards action.

Hence, celebrities appearing on the red carpets usually put on an awesome dress and makeup in order to look their best. But as time goes by and these celebrities continue to appear on red carpets, some of them change one or more details in their fashion styles while others don't really change anything.

Therefore, the author has gathered and presented to you the red carpet debuts of some Hollywood female celebrities for you to compare the evolution in their dress sense then and now.


Photo: Emma Watson, Harry Potter premier in 2001 and Little Women in 2019.


Photo: Margot Robbie at Oscars, 2014 and 2021.


Photo: Rihanna, listening launch event in 2005 and met gala 2019.


Photo: Halle Berry, Academy Awards 1999 and 2021.


Photo: Charlize Theron, 1st academy award 2000 and 2021.


Photo: Jennifer Aniston, 1st academy Awards 2006 and 2020.


Photo: Amanda Seyfried, 1st academy Awards 2009 and 2020.


Photo: Kim Kardashian in 2005 Summer Splash event and Met Gala 2019.


Photo: Zendaya, 1st academy awards in 2015 and 2021.


Photo: Renee Zellweger at Oscars, 1999 and 2020.


Photo: Scarlett Johansson, 1st academy Awards 2004 and 2020.


Photo: Jennifer Lawrence, academy award in 2011 and premier in 2019.


Photo: Carrie mulligan at Oscars, 2010 and 2021.


Photo: Angelina Jolie - 1986 and 2019


Photo: Isla Fisher, Academy Awards 2007 and 2021.


Photo: Emma Stone, 1st academy award 2012 and premier in 2021.


Photo: Reese Witherspoon, movie premiere in 1991 and met gala 2019.


Photo: Michelle Rodriguez at Latin Grammy Awards in 2000 and Cannes film festival 2021.

Which of the actresses ' dress styles haven't change that much compared to the present?

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