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Love Knows No Bounds: The Photos of These Mad Couples Will Make You Believe in Love

Love really has no bounds, it is that exhilarating feeling we all desire to have. It is in the nature of all animate things to crave for love, to give and receive it in equal doses.

So no matter our condition or limitation, that desire for love will always be there in us. But sadly, there are also some people who have stopped believing in love, probably due to past experiences of pain and heartbreak.

But if we must admit to ourselves, no matter how hard we try to stop believing in love, there is always that inner voice that constantly yearns for love.

There are also people who have come to see love as a capitalist thing. They believe that before you can be loved by anyone, you must have a lot to offer. But is love really all about material things? Is it true that you can't be loved in a special way if you have nothing to offer?

In this article, we are going to look at some mad people whose love stories are really inspiring. These stories really show that love knows no bounds.

Madness comes with the loss of rational behavior, changes in emotions and thinking, and the inability to function in social or family activities. It comes with violations of societal norms, and puts the person in a place of danger both to himself and to the society at large.

But these mad people managed to change that disposition, and proved to the world that love has the power to break down any fences.

So let's look at some of those mad people whose love stories were so beautiful, that they made a lot of people to start believing in love. And I hope that the love stories of these unfortunate people will inspire you too and build up your faith in love.

1. The first on this list of mad couples was the love that existed between these two people. Even though they were mad, their love story was a huge inspiration to millions of Nigerians when it surfaced on cyberspace. They taught many people a lesson in love and family.

The man's name was Samade, while his wife's name was Cynthia. Samade was a graduate of Physics from the University of Nsukka before he ran mad.

They built a ramshackle building for themselves under the popular Orile bridge, where they lived together for 22 years.

Both of them died in the same year, but their story went a long way to prove that everyone is capable of finding love.

2. Here's another mad couple on the list. The intriguing thing about these people is the fact that both husband and wife were mad, and they had three children who were mentally ill too. You could imagine what kind of misfortune must have befallen them like that.

But their madness did not severe their ties, but they continued to remain together in love.

They were cited in Ogoja local government area of Cross River State, and their story was first shared by a youth corper who was serving there. When he shared their story, some people came under the comments section to confirm that they knew the family too.

They were inseparable, and despite their condition, a lot of people learned huge lessons from their story.

3. Next is this mad couple that was seen in Umuahia, Abia State. Both of them were also mentally deranged, but the love that existed between them was quite inspiring.

See their photos below:

Despite finding themselves in a place of hopelessness, they still managed to find love in the condition they found themselves.

4. This is another mad couple who also taught the public a lesson in love. They were mad and homeless, but in the arms of each other they were able to find solace.

Even if you had given up on love, I hope the stories of these people will inspire you, and make you start believing in love again.

What is your opinion about these mad people? What do you learn from their stories? Let's hear you out in the comments section below.

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Content created and supplied by: Richiehenshaw (via Opera News )

Love Knows No Bounds


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