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Angela Bassett Reveals The Secret To Her Ageless Beauty

Everybody wants to age gracefully, look and feel younger. But it seems only a few have mastered the secrets and cons to doing so. Funny enough, It's something that many think requires so much work and planning. And yet it does not. It is the every day, and normal activities that people do every day, which are so simple, known as lifestyle.

If we were to take a hard look at some celebrities, we can definitely pin point a few of them that have chosen to defy human nature. And with that said, Angela Bassett happens to be one of them; the Black Panther superstar. She is one renowned actress that goes back in time when it comes to acting and has been behind the camera for more than three decades.

Quite often in any given day Bassett is likely to be asked by friends and even unknown people; how do you look so young at your age? And she can only but smile and say; it's everyday's normal activities that keeps me appearing the way I am. Well, If anyone has proven that age is just a number, it is certainly Bassett.

It may seem that Bassett simply has awesome genes but at the end of it all, she still declares that it takes an amount of work to achieve and maintain such youthful look. However, she feels on top of the world knowing that people wonder what her secret is.

Bottom line, Bassett reveals using moisturizer that contains coconut oil. She as well, works out and she eats healthy.

"As we advance, 60 is the new 40, or 70 is the new 50,' she confessed".

Angela says “It’s also your frame of mind,” that matters a lot. How you see yourself will make the difference. “You have to pay attention to your mental state".

In conclusion just remember, you have the capacity to be as beautiful as you choose to be. And it starts from the inside.

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