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Meet The Zee World Actress Who Acted In King Of Hearts, Curse Of The Sands And Twist Of Fate

Zee World actors and actresses can sometimes star in multiple series because of how talented they are. One of the actresses who has starred in multiple Zee series is Reyhna Pandit.

Image Credit - Reyhna Pandit/Instagram

Reyhna Malhotra (born Priyanka Pandit on 26 September 1982) is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films and TV shows. She alone has starred in three Zee World series so far.

1. King Of Hearts

In the love story between Siddharth and Roshni, Reyhna Pandit was the girlfriend of Rajvir, a good friend of Roshni's mom. Her name was Samaira. She hated Roshni and Siddharth only because her boyfriend didn't like them.

Image Credit - Reyhna Pandit/Instagram

2. Curse Of The Sands

In the love story between Ram and Siya, Reyhna stars as Mohini, a 500 years old witch who vowed to make life a living hell for the princess, Siya. Mohini is a very evil witch who came to take back her Ram whom she was married to 500 years ago. She is a hindrance to Ram and Siya's love story, and if you are a true fan of the show, you must know that Siya is currently training to conquer that witch.

Image Credit - Reyhna Pandit/Instagram

3. Twist Of Fate

In the love story between Abhi and Pragya, Reyhna is the new replacement of Aliya who is Abhi's blood sister. Aliya was replaced with Reyhna because she was pregnant when they were shooting that episode.

Notice that Reyhna Pandit only played the role of an evil one in all three movies. That is because it goes well with her deameanor. So do not hate her because she is 'Mohini' in Curse Of The Sands. Do not hate her because she is 'Samaira' in King of Hearts. And do not hate her because she is the new 'Aliya' in Twist Of Fate.

She is only playing the role she was paid for.

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