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This is what A man said on Twitter that had triggered many "E-Feminist" ladies to lash out at him.

Inequality, whenever one hears it, all boils down to the alleged ill treatment of females in the general world. The focus has always been on the ladies that we, at the end of the day forget that men go through a lot in the hands of the society. We've so much tried to protect one gender that we leave the other one unprotected, uncared for and worse of all, victimized.

This is the case that this young man decided to bring to the like light with his tweet that have since gone viral. In his viral post, he made some crystal clear cut comparisons between things that a lady would do and it's called normal or she is praised but if a man does the same thing, he would be victimized for it.

Below are screenshots of his post, but citing some of them, he said, "it's romantic if a man should cook for his wife but it's slavery when he asks her to cook for him. It is romantic if a man should give his wife his ATM to spend on herself but it's bad if he asks her to do the same."

Reacting to this post, some ladies were not having it. They reacted rather harshly to it saying women have suffered alot not to enjoy certain privileges. One even said, "Pour this tweet in your hands, put it close to your right or left ear, can you hear yourself and the nonsense you just said?". Some even went as far as calling him names and saying he was just seeking attention.

Below are screenshots of some of the comments they made. Please kindly follow this page for more Fan friendly contents. Thank you.

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