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For Fun: These People Wanted Their Pictures Edited Nicely But They Got Something Else

This generation love taking pictures and they never stop doing that because we can easily see their pictures on different social network ranging from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others.

But sometimes they are not quite satisfied with the pictures they took and as a result they try to edit it the way they desire. I have seen many users on the micro blogging platform, Twitter who are not satisfy with the way their picture looks or want to correct some things about the picture they took while they give it to someone who knows how to Photoshop.

Photoshop is a popular image changing software package. It is widely used by photographers for photo editing (fixing colors, reducing noise, adding effects, fixing brightness/contrast).

Therefore, this set of people who gave their pictures to someone who knows how to edit pictures end up getting something different from what they asked for.

Actually there is a guy on Twitter with the username Harrison Jnr, he really knows how to edit pictures nicely but he intentionally edit people's pictures in the worst ways possible in order to yield a funny result.

Below are pictures of people who wanted to get their pictures edited nicely but got something different.

1. What he asked for

See what he got

2. What she asked for

What she got

3. What he asked for

What he got

4. What he asked for

What he got

5. What she asked for

What she got

6. What he asked for

What he got

7. What he asked for

What he got

Which of the pictures above is the most funniest to you? Comment, like and share with your loved ones. Thanks for reading. 

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