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Meet The Human Ken Doll Who Has Now Become A Barbie Doll

The human Ken doll, Rodrigo Alves a former flight attendant, is a Brazilian-British television personality. He is known for having underwent different series of plastic surgery procedures such as, liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelifts, gell fillers on shoulders, biceps and triceps.

His first surgery was at the age of 17. Then he was a chubby kid who has big breasts which made him go for a breast reduction surgery.

Rodrigo when he was little

Before he began his transformation

At age 19, Rodrigo received his first nose job. Following this, he started having different facial surgeries in the quest of looking just like a Ken doll. He is also a fan of flashy eye contacts.

when he started his transformation

One of the many plastic surgical procedures he did was a fake six packs surgery, removing four of his ribs to maintain a slimmer figure. Instead of excersing and workouts, Rodrigo Alves had his ribs removed and inserted silicone injection to give him a perfect muscly looking body and six pack abs. He even had his own ribs put into a jar which he showed off on a popular show in UK, The Morning Show.

His silicone six pack abs

The lover of plastic surgery has spent over $650, 000 on cosmetic surgeries which includes Botox and injections. He was slowly looking nothing like his former self as he undergoes each plastic surgery.

In 2018, he officially announced that he was done with plastic surgeries but he seems not satisfied with his looks as he went back to have another eyelift, chin implants and face reduction in 2019. This concluded that he is addicted to plastic surgery.

Roddy Alves, as he is now called came out as a transgender woman early this year after 3 months of living in privacy. He stated that he has always felt like a female, more like a Barbie doll. He made it known that while growing up, he likes playing with the Barbie dolls his father bought him and he also likes dressing in his mother's dresses and heels.

After transitioning

Recently, he has spent more money on getting a size D-cup bust, bigger hips and bigger lips. She has deleted all previous posts of herself as a Ken doll from Instagram and has now exclusively featured pictures of herself as a Barbie doll. She says she is now contended with herself because she is living her life feeling glamorous, beautiful and feminine.

Roddy also made it known that she has always had a feminine brain and now her body matches her mind.

To further the list of her cosmetic surgeries, she implied that she is soon going to have a penile inversion and have her testicles removed and silicone implants which will be her final step.

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