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Did You Know That The Movie Shrek Was Based On A Real Person Called Maurice Who Married A Princess?

Did You Know That The Movie Shrek Was Based On A Real Person Who Married A Princess? 

Well if you are reading this post article right now then probably you have watched the cartoon Shrek, or maybe heard of it. Or maybe you are just curious to know what is actually going on. But what ever your reason might be just know that this article is completely going to surprise you. Sometimes most of the fiction movies and or cartoons we watch are being inspired by a true life events, I mean mostly it doesn't contain every detail as that life events does but just a little fragment of it, or maybe just something really little. The cartoon Shrek was actually kind of base from a true life person who goes by the name Maurice Tiller, a French boxer who fell in love with a beautiful princess and married her. 

Of course its okay for anyone to fall in love with princess and probably get married to her, but this Maurice Tillet is no ordinary some one. 

Maurice Tillet is odd looking, looks like a dwarf and somehow has a completely different posture and also not to mentions he looks like an ogre hence in which the inspiration was drowned from. 

He fell in love with this beautiful princess and surprisingly she love him back, and they get married. I mean where did this ever happen? Not just only in movies of course... It also happen in real. 

Well its beautiful and inspirational. 

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