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Divorce Affair

"Marriages Should just be for 5years and should end if THIS happens"- Lady advocates online.

Desperate times indeed calls for desperate measures but how desperate can we be in order not to be called an insane person. Marriage is indeed a sacred sacrament joining two individuals to become one, but these days especially in western culture which is slowing sipping into Africa, marriage has become a thing or convenience. People get into marriages these days, not because of love but because they want something or are tired of telling lonely.

At the slightest provocation, people tend to forget the bow which they took that states, for better or for worse and they just file for divorce. This mentality have indeed feed a lot of laws and bills to force marriage to become a thing of convenience. This is the case of this lady who said she has been advocating for a marriage contract which would expire after five years if and only if they two parties do not come willingly to renew it. She also wonders why this isn't in main stream and getting a lot of attention.

Reacting to this post, a man had this to say, "I actually agree with her though. And I think men have a lot to gain from this kind of arrangement." Rebuking him immediately, another man had this to say, "There's no single gain out of it, imagine having children from every of them marriage.

So if you live up to 80 how many kids you will have and who will actually be with you in your old age? Marriage isn't only about sex and romantic moments which our generation think it to be."

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