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"Trying not to Fart while Sitting Next to your Crush"- and other funny meme

If you are Having a bad Day, these funny memes will cheer you up. Before I continue try practicing these tongue twisters fast.

"Betty butter bought some butter, but she says this butter is bitter, if I put it in my batter, it will make I batter bitter, so she bought a better butter, better than the bitter butter she bought before"

"Father Fred fried five fresh fish for Friend on Friday"

"The plantain planter planted plantain in the Plantain plantation"

"The Sun shall soon shine"

I hope you were able to master the tongue twisters in a short time.

Go get yours

Men will always be men

I would lose weight but I hate Losing

I remember years ago when all I wanted was to be older, but I was wrong

Trying not to fart while sitting closed to your Crush

Is that a real baby or

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Content created and supplied by: Abubakar_ib (via Opera News )

Crush Father Fred Friend Plantain Sun


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