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Few Simple Tricks To Win A Girl's Heart Without Spending A Dime (Works Everytime)

I believe everybody has heart, and nobody is capable of controlling their feelings, so in this case I believe It's not a sin for a poor man to fall in love. Some men are still probably single because they believe a girl's heart can't be won without spending money, and if you still think this is true then I must say you are absolutely wrong, girls don't always care about money. We'll do this in two below cases;

1. In case, she's your friend

2. In case, you are just a secret fantisizer (you know her, but she doesn't know you)

1. How Do You Win A Female Friend's Heart Without Spending?

This is not quite simple as the sub headline seemed, but it can be simple if the girl already felt the same way. In the case, she only likes you as a friend, it quite risky, and difficult because you would be risking your friendship, and her trust. I believe you are willing to take these risks, so we shall continue. What are the steps to win her heart?

> Case one - If she likes you as a friend (risky)

The fact that she confides in you as a friend has solved 40 percent of your problems, and if you have managed to graduate to being best friends then 70 percent of your problems are down. Any which way, follow below steps;

1. If you are just friends, try as much as possible to get yourself to be her best friend. If she starts sharing secrets with you, congratulations, she now sees you as her best friend.

2. Do not reveal your feelings yet.

3. Make sure you are always there for her.

4. Make sure you support all of her decisions.

5. Make sure to advise her when she gets stuck.

6. Make sure you provide solution to all her emotional problems.

Once she sees you as her problem solver, congrats, you just grabbed half of her heart. Now, work on the other half by following below steps;

1. Call her almost three times daily to ask her how she is doing or feeling.

2. Always try to text her every morning to wish her a better day.

3. Avoid sounding extremely serious in your texts or tone, don't let your feelings get over you because if she notices you have feelings for her, all will be over. Always be free, and funny, do not respect her, woman hates that as friends.

Once she feels she can always rely on you, then she's giving you a green light. How do you recognize a green light?

The moment she shares you the picture of her new boyfriend, she is asking for your comments, that also means she wants you to reject him, and recommend yourself. That's it, her heart now belongs you, and you must make sure you don't break it.

> Case two - If she already has feelings for you (easy)

Her heart already belongs to you, but maybe she's also scared to reveal her feelings. This is the moment where you just need to try below few simple steps;

1. Calls and texts are the most important things here. Call her few times, text her most times. Let her realise indirectly that you are always with her through the content of your texts.

2. Always share your thoughts with her, and always hang out with her. Before you know it, intimacy will come through, and that is when you'll reveal your feelings. If she reveals her's first, then it's your lucky day.

2. In Case You Are A Secret Fantasizer.

This is where many do it wrong, you can't just reveal your feelings to the girl that is seeing you for the first time, and expect her to just accept your feelings like that.

The most important thing to do is getting your self to be her friend, this why this case is different, you can reveal your feelings while being just a friend even though the probability that you will be rejected is high, or you can try and be someone she relies on then try above steps which guarantees 100% success rate.

The two options are;

1. Be her friend, and after a while, reveal your feelings (probability that you will be rejected is high)

2. Make yourself someone she can rely on, her best friend to be precise then try above steps.

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