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“I was happier when I was poor” Akon reveals in an interview.

Life is such a mystery that takes a lot of courage to understand. There is no stage in life without its own cross. The quest for survival and fame is on the increase, yet, some people who already have the fame do no longer find joy in it.

This is the reason why people should be careful with their pursuit of wealth and fame. This is because, sometimes, the more you become famous and wealthy, a lot of people are consciously or unconsciously attracted to you. These people may be the type of people you never wanted to associate with but for the sake of your fame, you have to accommodate everybody.

Akon is a music icon whose music is of an international standard. He has been a model to many young people with his music, but what he revealed about being wealthy is a case of study for people who intend to do whatsoever in order to make money.

Image source: all of Akon's images in the article were sourced from his Instagram handle.

According to Instablog who shared the post on his Instagram handle, Akon made the statement while defending what he said at the wake of actor Michael K. Williams' death in October 2021.

The senegalese singer recalled that he was a poor child who witnessed life without it's fame, he stated that he played barefooted as a child, grew up in the village with no electricity, and other life experiences of a poor child.

He equally stated that haven tasted poverty, he understands how it feels but when the fame came and he started making money, there was quest for more money which literarily leaves one with an unending struggle where the person may even end up losing his happiness.

The statement may be strange but it is a truth that many wealthy people may not speak, that the more money you make, the more problem you accumulate.

The story/screenshot above was sourced from Instablog's Instagram handle.

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