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NICKELODEON: Between Piper And Nora, Who Is Hotter?

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NICKELODEON: Between Piper And Nora Who Is Hotter? ( See Photos ).

1. Piper

piper is know as Ella Anderson, she is an American actress. Piper began her career as a child actress, who played the lead role as Piper Hart in the nickelodeon series Henry danger. Piper was bron on the 26 of March 2005. Piper also played the role of Rachel Rawling in the series the boss.

2. Nora

Nora real name is know as Addison riecke, who is popular know as Nora thunderman in the Nickelodeon series the thunderman. Nora discovered her love for playing musical instruments, acting and love for singing. Nora was bron in Covington, Louisiana.

now what is your opinion on this. Is Piper more hottest than nora. Kindly write it in the comment section. Thanks

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