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Ronaldo and other football Stars with their look-alike actors

A look-alike is someone who looks almost exactly like another person. According to Wikipedia, a look-alike, double or dopple ganger is a person who bears a strong physical resemblance to another person, excluding cases like twins and other instances of family resemblance.

As we have look-alikes who have been notable solely for resembling well known individuals, such as the Nigerian musician Rema and his Ivorian fan girl, so do we have individuals who are notable in their own right, such as 'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint and British singer Ed Sheeran who both share a strong physical resemblance.

Rema and his Ivorian fan girl

Footballers, like every other humans also have their own look-alikes, varying from fellow football Stars to celebrities in other sectors of the entertainment industry, and so on.

Today's article will be focusing on football stars and their dopple gangers in the acting industry. In no particular order, below is the list.

Pirlo / Chuck Norris

Image credit - Google

From their hairstyle to their beard style, midfield maestro Pirlo looks so much like young Chuck Norris. The American actor is now in his 70s but still shares a strong facial resemblance with Andrey Pirlo.

Diego Milito / Sylvester Stallone

Image credit - Google

The facial resemblance between young Sylvester Stallone and former Inter Milan striker, Diego Milito is uncanny. Funny is the fact that they don't even share the same root, as the former is from North America while the latter is a South American.

Arda Turan / Gerard Butler

Image credit - Google

Do I even need to say much on this ? The picture says it all.

Ronaldo / Alessandro Gassman

Image credit - Google

Italian actor Allesandro Gassman and Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo both share something in common, their facial resemblance.

Image credit - Google

Even though the former is older than the latter, it takes nothing from their resemblance.

Image credit - Google

Luckily, both reside in Italy, so we can hope for a public appearance from both one day.

Muller / Andrew Garfield

Image credit - Google

Amazing Spiderman actor, Andrew Garfield no doubt looks like Bayern Munich frontman, Thomas Muller.

Image credit - Google

With a little more darkened hair, or perhaps a little more blondened hair, one could pass off as the other.

Dybala / Tobey Maguire

Image credit - Google

Another Spiderman actor.

I am sure Dybala won't mind being compared to comic superhero character actor, Tobey Maguire.

Image credit - Google

With his athleticism and a little shore up on his acting skills (as footballers are known to be actors on the pitch anyway), perhaps Marvel Studio could award Dybala a future Spiderman role. That's a joke.

Benzema / Shia Lebeouf

Image credit - Google

The twin brothers from ... Wait, did I just type twin? Hollywood actor Shia Lebeouf and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema could have been conjoined twins who were separated at birth.

Image credit - Google

We all know that is not true as Benzema is a French national of Algerian descent, while Shia Lebeouf was born in Los Angeles, California on June 11, 1986 which makes him a year older than Benzema.

Giroud / Errol Flynn

Image credit - Google

Even though these two men belong to different generations, their facial resemblance cannot go unnoticed.

Image credit - Google

Errol Flynn was born on June 1909 and died on October 1959, while Oliver Giroud is still active.

Fabregas / Zachary Quinto

Image credit - Google

Who remembers Silas in the TV series Heroes? Zachary Quinto is the name of the actor that played the character.

Image credit - Google

Let's leave that and focus on his facial resemblance with former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Mats Hummels / Orlando Bloom

Image credit - Google

One of the actors of Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Orlando Bloom was also who was also popular for his character as Legolas, the archery expert in The Lord of the rings and The Hobbit film series, is no doubt a look-alike of German footballer Mats Hummels.

Di Maria / Dev Patel

Image credit - Google

A beardless Dev Patel and footballer Angel Di Maria are no doubt look-alike.

Blaszcykowski / Sean Bean

Image credit - Google

Polish footballer Blaszcykowski and Hollywood actor Sean Bean share a strong facial resemblance.

Vermalen / Jude Law

Image credit - Google

The receding hairline of actor Jude Law, takes nothing away from his resemblance with former Arsenal captain Thomas Vermalen.

Khedira / Sacha Baron Cohen

Image credit - Google

German footballer Sami Khedira and Hollywood actor Sacha Baron Cohen are dopple gangers.

What do you think?

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