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She is Shameless; Checkout what a Lady was caught doing to a Man in the middle of the road

We are bound to see so many strange things in this world every day. We see new things that we never even thought could ever happen. Wonders can never end indeed! After watching a video of what a lady was caught doing to a man on the bike, in the public where everyone was staring, I became speechless. I do not understand if the lady is doing it because of love or something else but the truth is that she is shameless. She is shameless because many people were looking at her but she does not care rather she kept doing what she was doing. Read patiently to get the full gist. 

Some people saw a lady on the bike sitting in an awkward position. This got the attention of many people and they started recording her. She never knew she was being recorded. This lady was sitting face-to-face with this man whom we can’t identify if he is her boyfriend yet. But, even if he is her boyfriend, she should not have done that in the public. She was cuddling and hugging this man on the bike while many people were staring at her. At some point, she started kissing this man and it got the attention of several people. They were all amazed that a woman could do this openly on the bike. She was kissing him as if they were on some kind of honeymoon whereas they are in front of everyone in a public place. She does not even consider the people who are watching her, instead she kept on cuddling this man. 

Many people have been wondering how a lady would do this in the public. Some people said she is shameless because women should not be so cheap to do things to a man like this in the public. No matter how much you love a man, why should you be hugging and cuddling him on a bike like this when everyone is watching you. Well some people may call it love but I think it is stupidity and shamelessness. 

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