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After she advised ladies to dump their struggling men, read the perfect reply two guys gave her

At times I wonder if true love exists, because people say terrible things that would make you think they're heartless. I think I'm beginning to believe the saying that true love is hard to find. This is true because from what you hear people say at times you'll understand that true love is indeed hard to find. The painful fact is there are only few people who truly love; the bad ones outnumber the good ones 10 to 1.

Just as people generally have their beliefs, some ladies also have their beliefs. Unfortunately, not all of them have good motives, I suppose. Moments ago, a lady known as Frida posted a tweet advising her fellow ladies wrongly; she advised ladies to dump men who struggle financially and instead follow men with financial stability.

She wrote: "Ladies if your man is struggling to pay your bills dump him and find the one with money." See her post below:

Honestly, I had always believed ladies are more loving than ever before, though, there are still loving ladies out there. But seeing this message, I became unhappy. The truth is you would never hear something like this proceed from the mouth of a responsible lady.

As you'll guess, her readers, men especially, didn't like her advice. Read some of their reactions.

However, there were two guys who I think gave this lady the perfect reply.

One wrote: "Okay, we hear you, tell your sister-in-law to leave your struggling brother then."

This one actually revealed what many people might not realize. He wrote (In English): "Why won't yahoo boys use you as sacrifice?"

What are your thoughts on this lady's advice? Do you agree with her?

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