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How Evil Spirit Controlled Girl To Kill Her Own Brother But Was Saved By TB Joshua - Video

How Evil Spirit Controlled Girl To Kill Her Own Brother But Was Saved By TB Joshua - Video

The world of the spiritual, is far more complicated than the physical realm. One can be controlled to do so many evils from the spiritual world, without being yourself, you do everything you are commanded to do, until you have completed the task, you may not come back to your senses.

That was the case for Helen, she hears voices telling her to do things, things she ordinarily does not know how to do, things that are far more complicated than her age to understand. She mixes leaves, make incantations and say all sorts of things without knowing the meaning, all because there was a spiritual control.

The worse happened when she almost killed her own brother, she heard voices that asked her to mix some leaves and substances such as salts and sand, she did exactly as she was told and began to make incantations, speaking languages she does not understand. Not knowing that, she was killing her brother with the mixture and the incantations.

The evil spirit speaking to young Helen had pushed her to the brink of full-blown witchcraft. Pushed by a devilish desire to kill her own brother, she even prepared ‘charms’ and spoke incantations over him…Watch Full Video Here

The miracle was posted by Tb Joshua on his official Facebook page, with these words and caption;

“There is a lady - you hear a voice. This voice would ask you to begin to look for a leaf, different things together. I don’t know whether you want to be a native doctor. This was the prophecy from T.B. Joshua that exposed Helen who was not only on the verge of becoming a witch doctor but had hidden charms outside the church that day. Don’t miss the moment she was delivered from that evil character to become who God created her to be!”

Watch Video…

“God knows us better than we know ourselves. Where can we go from His presence?” - TB Joshua

Watch The video Of How get Got Saved Here...

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